Our Story | Nader's Lakeshore Motor Lodge
Nader's Motel and Suites of Ludington - Steps away from Lake Michigan and centrally located in Ludington. A family-owned and operated motel. Accommodations for business travelers. Kitchenettes available. Our Story about this family owned motel.
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Our Story


The Main lodge was built by the Vogel’s.

Property was sold by Sophia Vogel to Frank and Sophia Loppenthien (Albert and Sopia Vogel’s youngest daughter).

Seven log cabins were constructed along the east property line.
The Carriage house was remodeled at about the same time to accommodate five rental rooms and bathroom facilities for the tenants.  The establishment was named Lakeshore Lodge Tourist Camp.

On December 4, 1945 the camp was sold to Emerson and Viola Fuller. The Fullers were unable to keep the camp in operation.  After the property had gone to Shambles, it was sold.

In April, 1953 Jerry and Delores Nader purchased the lodge from the Fullers.

The first motel unit was constructed along the southern property line.

In 1972 six of the seven log cabins were torn down.

In the spring of 1973 construction was underway for the second set of motel units where the cabins once stood.   Also that year, an underground pool was installed, driveway paved and landscaping completed.

On April 4th, 1986 Joseph and Carol Lenius bought the motel from the Naders.  That year remodeling was completed in the main lodge.  Air conditioning, telephones, and refrigerators to all guest rooms were a few of the additions made to better the establishment.

In Feb., 2002 phase 1 of the 2-story building began, adding 8 additional rooms along with the community room, guest laundry, housekeeping laundry and multiple storage rooms.

In 2005, phase 2 of the 2-story building was completed adding 8 more guest suites.

In 2012 a new salt-water pool replaced the existing pool.

In 2013 Nader’s Lakeshore Motor Lodge was renamed Nader’s Motel & Suites.

On December 16th, 2014 Joseph & Carol Lenius sold the motel to Michael & Kelly Parker (Joseph & Carol Lenius’ youngest daughter).

Nader’s Motel and Suites has been family owned and operated for over 30 years.  We take pride in providing our customers the finest accommodations and customer service possible.  From providing business travelers the amenities they need to complete their business, to making certain our pool is always ready for fun, we’ll treat you like you’re part of the family.